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Female portrayals in advertising past research, new directions

Yorgos Zotos, Eirini Tsichla

Abstract: The depiction of females in advertising has received considerable academic attention, fuelled by the feminist movement and the evolution of women’s roles in the society. Early studies revealed the prevalence of traditional portrayals such as housewives, women dependent on a man’s protection and depictions of sexual objectification. Even though a decrease in female stereotyping would be reasonable considering the contemporary structure of society that prescribes multiple gender roles, this does not seem to be the case: The literature is replete with studies documenting that female stereotyping is alive and well, even if it manifests itself with different types and patterns than it did some decades ago. This study strives to adopt a holistic outlook to the phenomenon of female stereotypes in print advertisements, tracing its origins, analyzing the interplay of stereotypes and advertising, undertaking an exhaustive perusal of the particular stream of literature, addressing methodological issues and proposing directions for further research.

Additional Info

  • Author(s) Name: Yorgos Zotos[1], Eirini Tsichla[1]
  • Author(s) Affiliation: [1]Department of Communication and Internet Studies, Technological University of Cyprus, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Corresponding author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Keywords: Stereotypes in Advertising, Hofstede’s Masculinity Dimension, Goffman’s code scheme
  • Article Type: Research
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